Privacy and Data Protection Policy 

Raymo (Ltd.) and Raylink (telemetry service)


1. General

The following terms for data protection and use explain, which types of information Raymo collects, registers, stores and handles regarding you and your company and our reasons for doing it.
These terms apply to all information and or data that the company holds relating to identifiable individuals, when applicable, and companies.
All branches, heads of offices, and employees of Raymo are bound by these terms and are responsible for adhering to the data protection policies, as set forth by Raymo.


Collection, Registration and Processing of Data

Information about the Customer will be registered, stored and transferred strictly in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
Customer information will only be collected, registered and processed to fulfill an order, commitment or obligation as stipulated in an agreement between Raymo and the Customer or for legitimate interest.


Transferring Information and Data

Raymo does not use the Customer's information or data for direct marketing purposes and will not transfer information or data about the Customer to unauthorized third parties, unless otherwise stated in these terms or agreed to in writing.
The transfer of information and or data between affiliated companies of Raymo will in certain cases be necessary to fulfill an order or commitment and will only be done upon the Customer's written and explicit consent.


Disclosure, Changes and Deletions

At the Customer's request, Raymo will disclose what information is registered, as well as change or delete the Customer's information.


Treatment of Personally Sensitive Information on Behalf of the Customer

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that Raymo is not given access to personal or sensitive data or for data which loss may cause damage to the Customer.
Any transfer of information or data from a customer to Raymo which characteristically can be classified as personal or sensitive, shall only be done strictly in accordance with applicable data protection laws, particularly the right of transfer to third parties.
It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that such transfers adhere to these rules.
If access to such personal or sensitive data is required by Raymo to perform services, then the Customer is obliged to inform Raymo of the nature of such data and to avoid loss thereof.
To the extent that Raymo processes personal or sensitive data on behalf of the Customer, Raymo will only do so solely on the instructions of the Customer.
Raymo will take the necessary technical and organizational safeguards to ensure that information is not accidentally or illegally destroyed, forfeited or impaired, and to secure it from being transferred to any unauthorized persons, or being abused or otherwise treated in violation of applicable data protection laws.
Raymo will always provide customers with sufficient information to ensure that technical and organizational security measures have been taken.
Any personal or sensitive data will be deleted or transferred back to the Customer upon the completion, transfer or termination of a project.


2. Data Protection and Use; Raymo Product Use

Collection, Registration and Processing of Data

Raymo collects and processes data and other information regarding customers and their use of Raymo products (including the Raylink service/software), including use of Raymo products by the Customer's own users (employees etc.). Information and/or data that software users enter into a customer's software product is also collected and processed.
Data and other information collection and processing by Raymo is done to ensure that Raymo products are used in compliance with the intended use of Raymo products and any applicable software/firmware licensing agreement as well as for statistical and product development purposes to improve quality, usability, customer service and for any legitimate interest.
Raymo takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect the collected data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration, and from being made known to any unauthorized third party or organization, or misused or otherwise treated in violation of law applicable in Raymo‘s country of residence.


Transferring Information and Data

Personal or sensitive data collected and registered through the use of Raymo products will never be disclosed to third parties. Diagnostic and machine operation data may be disclosed to authorized Rayno Dealers and Distributors. Statistical data and data that has been anonymized may be disclosed to third parties in relation to product development and service improvement.


Disclosure, Changes and Deletions

Upon request the Customer will receive documentation of any data or other information that Raymo has collected, registered and or processed, and Raymo will correct or delete any information or data that is incorrect or misleading.
Raymo continuously reviews and verifies the collected and registered information and or data to ensure that no incorrect or misleading information is processed. In addition, Raymo ensures that processing of information is in a data environment that meets current security requirements.


3. Data Protection and Management

For any inquiries or questions regarding data protection, registration, storage and handling, as well as any request to delete or change registered information please contact us at

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