Main tractor / Tool Carrier

The RAYMO TORPEDO platform is extremely low in height allowing you to access low clearance areas and has an outstanding climbing ability on steep slopes and in undulating terrain. The ZTR steering system in combination with 4WD delivers exceptional driving and manoeuvring properties. Remote control keeps you in a safe distance further reducing your exposure to noise, dust and vibration while you keep an eye on the surrounding environment. Not only can the TORPEDO tractor / carrier be fitted with various exchangeable mower decks, it can also be equipped with different power cartridges – fully electric or plug-in hybrid (POWERSWAP system).



AT wheels

Suitable for enhanced traction in challenging conditions (slopes, loose soil…) or when mowing with the sickle bar or the R48CRAFT rough cut deck. It dramatically increses the climbing ability and performance of RAYMO in rough terrain.

Work Lights

LED work lights enable you to work at dusk or dawn or whenever the natural light isn’t strong enough. Maximize you work time and safety in spring and autumn when the days are short!

Fast or Superfast Charger

Fast Charger – 25A fast charger provides almost 70% faster charging compared to the standard charger

Super Fast Charger – 50A super fast charger provides over 3 times faster charging than the standard charger and twice as fast charging as the optional fast charger

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